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These are some recent letters from our ePals.

This is an email from our ePals in Australia.
From: Robyn Horne <>
To: Colleen Kascak <>
Date: 2002-Sep-27 00:09:59
Subject: Re: Hi from your Ohio epals
Dear Epale, Today we go on a two week spring break. We had a party for Tim today he is in year 2 and he turns eight on the 30th of September.Tim had spider cakes.We are studying bugs we we come back from our holidays. Have you got any interesting bugs in Ohio? We made fruit salad because we just finished a unit on healthy food. From 1/2r Farmborough Road Australia


The next email is from our Maryland ePals.

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From: Ruth Norment <>
To: Colleen Kascak <>
Date: 2002-Sep-26 12:50:24
Subject: Re: Hi from your Ohio epals
Dear Epals, Thank you for the nice email! We are in Mrs. Norment"s first grade class at Belvedere Elementary School in Arnold, Maryland. There are 7 girls and 12 boys in our class. We are also learning about Johnny Appleseed. We learned that his real name was John Chapman. We had a teacher in our school named Mrs. Chapman, but she is not in his family. We cooked apples to make applesauce today. It was so good! We used apples, sugar, cinnamon and water. We read about how Johnny planted trees in Ohio. We liked the way he was nice and helped the people and animals. Arnold is located near the Naval Academy and the Chesapeake Bay. We like go to a park on the bay. It is called Sandy Point State Park. We also like to go to Ocean City on the Atlantic Ocean. We are very excited to be your epals! Please write to us again. Love, Your Maryland Epals Belvedere Elementary School 360 Broadwater Road Arnold, Maryland 21146

Our ePals from Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Boston wrote:
From: Frist Grade <>
Date: 2002-Sep-30 11:54:29
Subject: Boston Friends
Hi First Grade, We live in Boston. It is windy and cloudy today. It is cool. We are learning to add numbers, learning to read and learning to write. Today, we are going to learn about spiders. We have a large graph in the room. We will use it a lot for math. Soon, we will go to the public library every week. It is near the school. We have snack, and computers. We have God in our room.(Collette said this,is smiling now) We have two stuffed dogs. Their names are Fluffy and Lil' Bonnie. We have 21 students. 12 boys and 9 girls. Boston is a nice city. It is the capital of Massachusetts. We go to parks, church, the zoo,the Aquarium, and museums. The Children's Museum is fun. We live next to the Atlantic Ocean. We ride the subway(trains), a bus, and a trolley. The trolley travels along the street, in the middle. We love to have you as epals! The First Grade Class Boston
Our friends in England wrote: From: Alison Pryce To: Colleen Kascak   Date: 2002-Oct-01 12:09:00 Subject: Re: Hi from your Ohio epals Hi everyone We are in the process of writing to you but until then we just wanted you to know we are still in touch. Mrs Pryce loved the website - our school is just putting together one but we won't have our own class page at first. There are 6 girls and 20 boys in our class this year. We are learning about our local area, with links to the science of materials. You can look at our hotlist on We have all been writing our addresses and finding out what our houses are made of. We have been putting the information into a data file and we will be using graphs and charts to find out where most people live, and how we get to school as well as all about our houses. We will write again soon Love from Mrs Pryce and P2 Our ePals in Florida are getting ready to write: From: Jessica Beck To: ColleenKascak   Date: 2002-Sep-18 20:17:29 Subject: Re: Ohio epals Hello my wonderful Ohio friends, I am so happy to hear from you again. We started school on August 7th. I have 25 students, 12 girls and 13 boys. The class loves to talk. I am supposed to have e-mail access at school, so I can check my account during the day :). I have an intern with my named Ms. Bearoff. She has been taking over slowly and will be full time starting the 30th of this month. She will stay with us until the end of November. I will tell my class about how wonderful your class was last year and send you a message tomorrow with some questions from them. Have a wonderful Thursday :) Love, Mrs. Beck Another email from England: From: Alison Pryce To: BarbourKaren , ColleenKascak , GrundLars-Olof , PennyMcKenzie , RaoulLolli Date: 2002-Oct-02 12:31:41 Subject: Hello from Guilsborough Primary School Hello everyone We are Mrs Pryce's new class at Guilsborough Primary School in England. We would love to hear all about what you are doing. First here is something about us. There are 26 children in our class this year. There are 6 girls - they are Clare, Emily, Alice, Loren, Lucy and Rebecca. The 20 boys are - Bobby, Cameron, Christopher, Connor, Daniel, Harry, Jack C, Jack D, Jack S, Josh, Liam, Marshall, Oliver, Ollie, Sam C, Sam G, Tom L, Tom R, Will A and William E. At school we like counting and reading. At playtime we like to play chasing games like 'Stuck in the mud' and climbing on the Geodome (climbing frame). Some of us love to play football. After school we like to play with our friends, watch TV and play on our playstations. When it is warm we play outside and go swimming. We would like to know your names and what you like to do. In class we are finding out about Guilsborough Village and we are making a leaflet to send to you. We have a hotlist linked to our school work at: What is it like where you live? We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you would like to write to us by post our address is: Guilsborough Primary School The Green Guilsborough Northamptonshire NN6 8PT From class P2 and Mrs Pryce __________________________________________  

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