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These are our spelling words for this week.
Practice the words at the Spelling City site by
clicking on the words Spelling City.


Spelling City

Week of May 26th:
Same words as last week
Week of May 18th:
(Spelling City List #30)
fair       bear      spare      three     favorite
pair      wear     share      splash   surprise
Week of May 11th:
(Spelling City List #29)
strike     scrape     spray    split    three
splash    your        heard    bike    flash
Week of May 4th:
(Spelling City List #28)
gnat       gnu      know     knife    write
wrong    been   their       bat       life
Week of April 27th:
haul       cause      saw      claw     paw
down     love        friend    law       brown
Week of April 20th:
(Spelling City List #26)
moon        tune    flew    blue    fruit     soup
enough     door    noon   soon
Week of April 13th:
(Spelling City List #25)
spoil     coin       join         joy       toy
boy       build      fall          boil      soil
Week of March 23rd:
(Spelling City List #24)
cow      town       mouse     how     out
mouth  brown     clown      early    nothing
Week of March 16th:
(Spelling City List #23)
born      corn       core      more     roar
soar       sure       learn    torn       worn
Week of March 9th:
her         bird        fur             fern           dirt
work      climb     through     worker     climber
Week of March 2nd:
King      Queen      castle     dragon       pigs
sing       table         fairy       tale             fable
Week of February 17th:
(Spelling City List #21)
cart        barn         arm         art          yarn
harm      four         none       dart         part
Week of February 9th:
(Spelling City List #20)
key        bumpy      puppy      funny      penny
wash     sandy        would       bunny    candy
Week of February 2nd:
(Spelling City List #19)
find       night     by       caught     sight
kind      right      pie      listen       tie
Week of January 26th:
(Spelling City List #18)
low       boat      no        row         oat
toe        over     more   so            coat
Week of January 19th:
(Spelling City List #17):
me        we        keep     feed        beak
seat      be         need     other      because
Week of January 12th:
(Spelling City List #16):
mail      chain    play      rain          way
day       our        carry    tail           say
Week of January 5th:
(Spelling City List #15):
book    look      cook        took        hood
wood   buy         done        nose      cute
Week of December 15th:
(Spelling City List #14)
hope    nose      note        ago         people
rope     cute       cube       Pope      rose
Week of December 8th:
(Spelling City List #13)
rice       page     wedge    from     once
nice      age       ledge      mice     rage
Week of December 1st:
(Spelling City list #12)
like        ride     bike     mine       water
spike     hide    hike     should    side
Week of November 23rd:
No Spelling test this week
Week of November 11th:
(Spelling City #11)
make     came      late      some     today
take        game     gate     bake      name
Week of November 10th:
(Spelling City #10)
whip     whale     catch       match     chin
graph    many     around    sip           tin
Week of November 3rd:
(Spelling City #9)
fish       shop      ship      with    thing
sang     want      call        wish   mop
Week of Oct. 27th:
(Spelling City #8)
lend      send    fast      past     sink
vast      wink    who      of         last
Week of Sept. 22:
hop      top      log        hog
hot       lot       they      too
Week of Sept. 15:
clip      slip      flip        be
flag     black    plan      pull
of Sept. 8th:
pin       hit       miss    out
win      sit       kiss      up
Week of Sept. 1st:
man     can     nap     tap
cat       hat      not      does

Study hard.  You can do it!